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Jewish Jewelry, An Experience Beyond Ornametion…

A Chinese proverb reads like this: Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without.

This one sentence sums up the importance that civilization has attributed to jewelry. So, jewelry per se is almost an obsession to human race from time immemorial, isn’t it? What is so special about Jewish jewelry then? Let us explore it together.


One of the most amazing things about the significance of Jewish jewelry is that it is not just any other decoration for the human body. It extends its meaning to spirit as well. Jewish culture and religion have contributed significantly in the evolution of mankind. The jewelry too is an important instrument to substantiate this contribution of Jewish culture.

It is this spiritual or metaphysical aspect of this jewelry that has attracted artists and jewelers across the globe. It has become an expression of art, mysticism, spirituality and above all man’s search for that exotic element which has the potential to transcend the limitations of reason and emotions





A major chunk of world literature, history and religion is full of mystical nature of Jewish culture. It has an intrinsic quality of mysticism in it. One such jewelry that represents this mystic characteristic of Jewish culture is Kabbalah. This interestingly encompasses ancient teachings of mysticism which helps designers come up with a fine piece of art. It has indeed an aura of beauty and mysticism enchanting seekers and those in search of miraculous





Usually, you can see that Jewish jewelry is in the form of geometric shapes. It is because of three things: religious significance, spiritual significance and mystic symbolism. However, the fact that Jewish jewelry stands for strong spiritual and mystic connection does not mean that it does not have glamour and fashion quotient to it. In fact, it is very popular among fashion connoisseurs and glamour-savvy people. This is perhaps the best part of this jewelry – a fatal combination of roots, spirituality and contemporary style and fashion.



Depending upon the needs, budget, and artistic possibilities, this jewelry can be made from metals like sterling silver, pewter and gold. There are people who specially get it made for their loved ones as the gifts – reflecting their love, affection and benevolence. A person receiving Jewish jewelry is indeed a lucky person to have such a priceless thing gifted by a loved one!
Good news is, you can always have Jewish jewelry as per your sense of aesthetics. There is no rigid rule or condition for a wearer to wear it! This is the aspect that makes it the hot favorite among people from all walks of life.

Make a choice from the world of rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earrings and brooches. You can find Jewish symbols on all these forms of ornaments.
Let us then indulge in this world of deep spirituality, mysticism with style and fashion.

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