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Star of David / Magen David

The Star of David has been associated with the Jewish community since days of old. However, originally it was used only for decorative purposes. For instance, a synagogue from the 3rd – 4th century had a stone bearing the hexagram. The motif was mentioned for the first time in aKaraite document dating back to the 12th century. However, the Star of David became a significant part of Judaism in the 17th Century.




In the Kabbalah, the two overlapping triangles are said to represent the connection between man and God. The triangle pointing upwards represents man’s good deeds that reach God. It is believed that the Almighty rewards man for his faith and this is represented by the triangle pointing towards downward. However, other Jewish theories suggest that the two triangles symbolize the struggle man undergoes due to his inherent dichotomies of good and evil.






The hexagram is also known as the Magen David in Hebrew which translates to the ‘Shield of David’. This name refers to the second ruler of Israel, King David, who had held a shield etched with a hexagram when he killed the giant warrior, Goliath.. The six sides of the Star of David are said to represent the six days that God took to create the universe and the polygon in the center representing the Sabbath. Some say that one triangle represents the ruling tribe of Judah and the other the former ruling tribe of Benjamin.







Star of David – Magen David for Protection

It is believed that the wearer of the Magen David will always be victorious since he is protected by God Himselfin the same way that King David was protected and blessed by God to defeat an army that was greater than his own. The six points of the hexagram also suggest that God protects his children from all possible sides. Therefore, by wearing the Star of David in a piece of jewelry will give you a sense of security.

This symbol of protection, spirituality and Jewish tradition when embedded in a jewelry item can be a perfect gift for anyone you love. The hexagram can be designed in delicate gold or silver and can be worn in the form of an amulet, finger ring or bracelet.

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