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Megillah scroll holder


this unique olive wood scroll case is a unique Jewish Judaica art piece.
This beautiful item is unique piece of Jewish art made in Israel in Asaf Man home studio
that’s located next to Jerusalem.


It’s an ideal gift for Purim and an exceptional scroll holder that you couldn’t find anywhere.
The locally olive wood is some of the beautiful and most unique wood that can be found.
The natural brown color of the olive wood and rustic design make this piece a classic
to be enjoyed for years!
Asaf is going by himself to the forest to cut down trees that he is using with for his art
because he wants to make his artworks from the start to the finish.
This scroll case do not include the scroll.

Approximatively dimensions:
Height: 12″, (30cm)
Diameter: 3.5″ ( 9cm)
Handmade item
Material: Olive wood from Jerusalem
Estimated delivery: 23-37 days
Ready to ship in 15 days


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