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Havdalah set – Shabbat candle holder kit


This breathtaking Havdalah set is one of our most beautiful and delicated creation.
This unique piece of Jewish art is made in Israel in the artist: Asaf Man’s home studio from the beginning to the end.


This Havdalah set include a large olive wood platter, a Kiddush cup which combine olive wood and glass, a candle holder which combine olive wood an copper on the top in order to be safe with candle
and a unique bessamim/spice box with a glass holder for the bessamim. All the glass pieces
can be removed from the wood and washed separately to keep the beautiful nature of the olive wood.

This custom made art can be a unique and original wedding or Bar mitzvah gift
which may never forget!

The Olive wood Havdalah set you are seeing on the pictures was sold and unique.
All the artist works are one of a kind pieces so it’s not an identical copy, it’s a recreation of an old subject. This recreation will be a unique piece also because a fingerprint that can never be repeated.
The recreation will look similar.

Approximatively dimensions:
– Platter: Length: 17.7 ” ; Width: 11.5 ”
– Kiddush cup: High: 7.3″ ; Diameter: 3 ”
– Candle holder: Height: 5.8 ” ; Diameter: 3.5 ”
– Bessamim\ Spice box: Height: 9.6 ” ; Diameter: 4.5 ”

Handmade item
Materials: Olive wood from Jerusalem, Glass, Copper
Estimated delivery: 18-32 days
Ready to ship in 10 days

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