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Mezuzah case


This hand carved mezuzah case was made with a lot of love and care
in Asaf Man home studio that’s located next to Jerusalem.
All of his creations are unique piece of Jewish art.


This mezuzah is made from Jerusalem olive tree which giving to this item
an exceptional color from the nature.
Asaf love the combination of glass and wood so he decided to include glass housing in the wood
in order to see the holy parchment. Someone says about his Judaica creations:
“It looks like the wood grows around the scroll”.
The mezuzah which is on the pictures was sold and unique. All his works are unique piece so it’s not an identical copy; it’s a recreation of an old subject. This recreation will be a unique piece also because art is art and can never be repeated. His reproduction will look similar.

The mezuzah is attached to the wall with a strong double-side tape which is include and fixed on.
This beautiful item is coming also with a beautiful cloth housing to wrap it carefully and elegantly.
The mezuzah case do not include the scroll (parchment)
Approximatively dimensions:
Height, choose the size you prefer, the options are: 5.2″ ( 13 cm); 6″ (18 cm); 8.2″ ( 21 cm).
Length: 1″ (2.5 cm)
Thickness: 1″ (3 cm)
Adapted to parchment until 17 cm, 6.5″.
Handmade item
Materials: Glass, Olive wood
Estimated delivery: 13-27 days
Ready to ship in 5 days

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