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Bracelet of ‘Creation’ – Jewish Jewelry


Masterpiece Jewel, made of 7 different links of gold and silver with the story of Creation.
Each link is Delicate work of art, portraying on of the 7 days of creation and organization
of the universe


According to Kabbalistic teachings each day represents a different aspect of the holy creation,
of both the physical and spiritual realms.
All 7 days linked together symbolize the unity and harmony of the universe.
Also a phrase from Genesis from that day is engraved on each link.

Day 1 – God created the light.
Day 2 – God created the Heavens and Earth.
Day 3 – God created all the plants.
Day 4 – God created the Sun and the Moon.
Day 5 – God created all the water and air creatures.
Day 6 – God created all the land creatures and human beings.
Day 7 – Shabat – The seventh day of resting.

Made by a Kabbalah artist in the Holy Land.
Size approx. 19 cm (7.5′ inches)
Material: 9k Gold, .925 Sterling Silver

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